From a young age, Victoria (also known as Tori) has always loved great food, singing, and making people laugh.  It’s funny how some things never change!  To this day, her insatiable appetite for life and being on stage takes up much of her days.  She grew up in a small suburb right outside of New York City, and no matter how much her parents pushed for her to try tennis, soccer, and swim team, Victoria was only interested in her after school dance classes and concerts in the living room.

After years of dance lessons, theatre camp, and performing in community and school productions, she found herself attending Muhlenberg College in the fall of 2008.  While at Muhlenberg,  she spent a semester abroad in London studying Theatre & Voice at Goldsmiths University.  She graduated in May of 2012, Magna Cum Laude, with her B.A. degree in Theatre & Music.

Since graduation, Victoria has moved back to New York to pursue her Broadway dreams.  She believes patience, hard work, and a good attitude will take you wherever you wish to go in life, and that you are never too old to stop learning.  With that, she continues to perform regionally, challenge herself in classes and workshops in NY, and celebrate life’s journey - grateful for the gifts God has given her and continued opportunities to share them.

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